Include These 6 Game Courts in Your Sparks, NV, Outdoor Living Space

Part of designing your dream backyard is making sure you take into account all of the various activities you and your family and guests love. For anyone with a passion for a certain game, incorporating an area to enjoy that game is a priority on the must-have list. If you’re wondering which type of game areas will work well in your backyard, here’s some inspiration. Include any of these six game courts in your Sparks, NV outdoor living space, and you’ll maximize the enjoyment of your backyard.

To begin, you want to consider whether you have adequate space for the activities you envision enjoying the most. You may not want to sacrifice your ability to entertain, cook, relax, or garden just so you can have a huge game area. Then again, if that’s your number-one priority, then figure out ways to use side yards or even your front yard for other activities, or you could have a game court designed that can do double duty.

Putting Green

Include These 6 Game Courts in Your Sparks, NV, Outdoor Living Space

Any golfer can use more practice, and a backyard putting green helps you fine-tune your short game. Artificial turf is the perfect material for a putting green, as it can be laid perfectly flat, its maintenance needs are minimal, and it wont’ turn into a sloppy mess when it rains.

Bocce Ball Court

Bocce ball is an easy, low-impact game that anyone can play. A bocce ball court can be clay (like a tennis court) or artificial turf. Since bocce ball courts are long and narrow, it’s a great way to maximize space in an otherwise unused side yard.

Horseshoe Pit

Horseshoe pits are generally grass, artificial turf, or gravel, and the actual pit is either sand, dirt, or gravel. While a regulation horseshoe area is quite large—over 40 feet long—it’s also quite narrow and, like a bocce ball court, can be installed in a side yard. For more casual games, you can probably create a horseshoe pit of any size that fits into your landscaping design.

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Batting Cage

Baseball fans will love having a backyard batting cage where they can practice their swing! There are a variety of setups for designating a space that makes it so the hitter and pitcher can keep practicing all day without having to stop and run around to pick up wayward baseballs.

Multi-purpose Game Court

Backyard tennis courts are convenient for serious players; a full sized tennis court is huge (you’ll need a space at least 40 feet by 80 feet), but the beauty of this is that the space can also serve double or triple duty as a basketball, badminton, or volleyball court. If you have the space and you’re a family of avid tennis/basketball/volleyball players, then investing in a multi-purpose game court can ultimately pay off in fewer club fees as well as less driving.

Open, Freestyle Area

With badminton and volleyball, you don’t need anything special to play, just a portable net. Casual football games also don’t necessarily have to require a huge space, so designating a large, flat portion of your yard for games and sports will give you the flexibility of playing football, baseball, soccer, badminton, volleyball, bocce ball, horseshoes, croquet, or even tennis. The only challenge with this option is if you prefer labor- and water-intensive grass, which will require accommodations for mowing, fertilizing, watering, and weeding.