Landscape Architecture Inspiration for Your Sparks, NV, Commercial Property

The exterior of your company often serves as its first impression, so welcome clients with a design that expresses your distinctive corporate identity and values. Your landscape should also be inviting to your employees as any business is largely driven by morale. If you’re unsure how to begin renovating the landscape architecture of your Sparks, NV, commercial property, here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling:

Tailor the Experience

Landscape Architecture Inspiration for Your Sparks, NV, Commercial Property

Modern commercial landscapes pay attention to the needs of clients and employees, facilitating outdoor spaces for both work and play. A large landscape can accommodate paths suited to strolling or even cycling. Flank your walkways with plenty of refreshing greenery and benches, and perhaps a water feature to foster a sense of ease and relaxation. Game courts invite employees to unwind over a game of bocce ball or mini golf during their lunch break.

Having the option to work in the fresh air is an excellent health benefit and can boost morale. Spaces designated to working outdoors should be sheltered from the sun and wind to facilitate comfort and concentration. Consider constructing a shade structure, like a pavilion, and arranging hardy workbenches beneath it. Ambient lighting and music can help to create a positive, productive atmosphere.

Showcase Sustainability

The general public is acutely aware of environmental challenges and the impact that companies have on the rest of the world. Sustainable landscaping is, therefore, an attractive practice that portrays a caring and trustworthy image. Maximizing your green space and utilizing smart irrigation systems that conserve water can improve the sustainability of your landscape. Not only does sustainable landscaping look good to potential clients, but it also benefits the company in the long run. Energy-saving bulbs and smart irrigation help you save money on utilities, while the shade provided by abundant trees can reduce the cost of keeping your property cool in the summer.

Plant for Low Maintenance

Maintaining a large landscape is no simple task, and it is absolutely crucial to hire experienced professionals for the job. That being said, there are measures you can take to minimize the need for maintenance and cut back on costs. Planting native plants with low maintenance requirements is one example. These plants will be accustomed to the climate and require very little care. Native plants also tend to blend effortlessly into the environment.

Guide the Flow of Traffic

Guiding clients as they enter your property can save them a great deal of frustration as they attempt to find parking spots and entrances. Eye-catching plantings and other focal features can be used to mark important points like entrances, while clearly marked signposts are key for navigation. The material you select for your walkways should be clearly visible against the backdrop of your surrounding landscape. Outdoor lighting is also essential to ensure that your landscape is just as easy to navigate in the evening as it is during the day.

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Be Distinctive

Every commercial property requires a distinctive style that marks it as more than a workplace and packs it with personality instead. Clients tend to feel drawn to personalized businesses, as they seem more transparent and trustworthy. Designing a landscape that truly sets yours apart from the rest can be daunting. Fortunately, you can collaborate with the design team at FireSky Outdoor Design/Build to put together a stunning, practical landscape design that expresses your vision and fulfills the functional needs of your business.