9 Ways to Incorporate Natural Stone Into Your Incline Village, NV, Backyard Design

Prized for its classic beauty and durability, natural stone can improve your backyard’s functionality and look if you use it as a main material in a prominent landscape feature. Here are some key ways to incorporate natural stone into your Incline Village, NV, backyard design.

Natural Stone Patio

9 Ways to Incorporate Natural Stone Into Your Incline Village, NV, Backyard Design

Ensure that the one of most used hardscape features in your backyard will last. A natural stone patio will retain its color and can endure the constant foot traffic that a patio experiences over its lifetime. In the warmer months, the hefty, textured stone surface will feel luxurious under your bare feet when you go out on the patio for a morning coffee.

Install a Stone Column Pergola

A stone column pergola is a great way to provide beauty to your backyard space, and it could provide a relaxing area for you and your family. Placing a pergola in your backyard can help define your outdoor spaces such as seating areas. Plus, it can also be used to lend support for climbing plants and vines.

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Build an Outdoor Fireplace

A natural stone outdoor fireplace is a beautiful, attention-grabbing feature that’s likely to become the focal point of the landscape. It could create the perfect spot in your backyard where you can get cozy and have a nice time with your family and friends, as you all trade stories on chilly nights.

Add a Fire Pit

Ideal for entertaining a larger group, a stone fire pit provides you with a campfire-like environment where everyone can circle around to share great stories and eat together. Give consideration to whether a wood-burning fire pit would encourage you to spend more time outdoors or whether you prefer the cleaner experience of a gas fire pit.  

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Introduce Stone Pot Planters

Stone planters can help transform your backyard from dull to captivating with the addition of beautiful greenery. Planters are also a great way to give your backyard more of an earthy feel against the contrast of beautiful natural stone.

Add Stone Benches

A long-lasting addition to any outdoor space, a natural stone bench offers a nice, durable seating alternative. A bench can help spice up your backyard by giving it a unique rustic or elegant feel. You can have a bench strategically placed as a standalone feature for the occasional rest or have it be more of a visual feature, in the midst of a garden, to create a serene setting.

Design a Stone Walkway

A natural stone walkway is a lovely feature as it can help add a bit more charm, class, and beauty to your backyard. A curved walkway could become a focal point for your landscaping, as a feature visitors can admire as they meander through your landscape and marvel at the uniqueness of what lies beneath their feet.

Build a Water Fountain

A water fountain creates a sense of calmness, which soothes the mind. Besides the fact that the wonderful sounds it makes is pleasant to hear, the fountain can also drown out the sound of neighbors talking or cars going by.

Stone Wall

A stone wall can be used as an entryway to your backyard, as a retaining wall for your garden, or as a stylish barrier between outdoor rooms. You can achieve an elegant classic style with an aura of permanence for your backyard with the use of stone walls.