How Landscape Designers Can Improve Functionality in Your Incline Village, NV, Outdoor Living Project

Thinking through a new landscape design involves more than designating a spot for the BBQ station. A landscape designer will take a full-picture view of your landscape while considering how to highlight its best features and bring in new ways to make it more functional. The point is to create a beautiful outdoor living space that you’ll use often. Here are five ways a landscape designer can improve functionality in your Incline Village, NV, outdoor living project.

A Sense of Safety and Welcome

How Landscape Designers Can Improve Functionality in Your Incline Village, NV, Outdoor Living Project

When you look outside, what you see should draw you to go out there. It should entice you to go outside, whether it’s to relax or entertain. Great landscape design serves as a guide for visitors. People know where to go and what awaits them, without wandering around aimlessly. A well-designed journey to an outdoor gathering space is filled with beauty, while maintaining safety.

For instance, garden walls, paver walkways, and adequate lighting direct traffic. The outdoor living areas and walkways should be clear of thorny plants, low limbs, dark corners, or overgrown shrubbery. Safety is a priority when focusing on functionality, and more leveled surfaces may be needed. You want features that make the landscape feel like an extension of your home—these are uniquely yours. A gourmet outdoor kitchen, gazebo, water features, a meditation area, a deck or patio that takes in the views, or an herb garden built into a retaining wall are just a few ideas for spaces that you will love to use.

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Water Management

Good water management is essential for maintaining safety. Landscaped areas naturally slow runoff, but there may be opportunity for water to run too fast and collect in unwanted areas. A landscape designer will ensure good drainage and mitigate runoff by adding in retaining walls to create more flat spaces that allow water to absorb slowly.

Fire Mitigation

The threat of wildfires is a big concern in our area. Heavily treed land can cause devastating damage to homes and property. Good fire mitigation involves thoughtful removal of trees that are too close to the home. These measures create fire breaks and easier access for emergency crews, while keeping the natural feel that draws homeowners to this spectacular area in the first place.

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Even more remote homes can feel exposed and vulnerable. Landscape designers can prioritize your need for peace and serenity by creating privacy stone walls or using creative methods with boulders and plantings for natural looking dividers. A sense of privacy can also be achieved by installing a water feature, which masks traffic sounds while providing natural beauty.

Protection From the Elements

Weather in the mountains can change abruptly, and it is vital to have protection from the elements incorporated into your outdoor living space. This includes shade and a dry spot to gather should the skies open up.

Multiple factors play into how a landscape designer can develop your property, including its topography, tree density, sun exposure, and water. A landscape is more than pretty plants and welcoming walkways. It is an extension of your home, and your landscape designer can make it feel uniquely yours.