5 Things to Ask When Hiring Landscape Contractors in Spanish Springs, NV

Searching for reputable, trustworthy landscape contractors for your Spanish Springs, NV, outdoor project can be challenging. How will you know when you have found the one who will complete the job well, the way you want it? Here are some guidelines for asking the important questions that can lead you to the ideal landscape contractor for your yard. 

Licensing and Accreditations 

5 Things to Ask When Hiring Landscape Contractors in Spanish Springs, NV

A trained landscape contractor should have the certifications and licensing to prove the knowledge and skills for a job. 

Associations in industry and trade groups shows an interest in striving to meet the high standards required for membership, as well as an ongoing interest in continuing education and trends within the landscape community.

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Past clients can be an invaluable source for you as a potential client. Ask to speak to some previous clients. Chances are if they were pleased with the outcome of their landscape project, you will be also. They can help you understand the common pitfalls and any preparations that you might need to make on your end of the project. Seeing the finished landscapes can help you decide if this is the landscape contracting company for you.

Examine the Website

Many landscape architect/contractors have an extensive section of the website devoted to pictures and descriptions of landscape renovations that they have done. It is worth perusing the website because this can be a good indicator that your landscape project is something the contractor excels at creating. 

Some landscape contractors focus on one type of project, while others can accomplish multiple different landscape styles. This is important to know because you might be more comfortable with someone who focuses mostly on the look you want. 


Insurance might not seem like a critical part of a landscape project, but it certainly is. You don’t want to end up with expenses for damaged equipment, unforeseen problems, or accidents to your property that were not in your budget. Reputable landscape contractors have the insurance to cover these unexpected expenses so that you can stay in the range you have projected to spend.

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Ask About the Process

Great outdoor spaces begin with great design, and you want to locate a design/build architect who makes that the starting point. The landscape professional should have a clearly defined process to determine what your property looks like now versus how you want it to look once your landscape features have been installed. Having a 2D or 3D design is essential to a project because it helps you visualize the final outcome. The ability to change the things you don’t like before one shovel of dirt is removed can save both time and money. 

Locating the right landscape contractor for your unique Spanish Springs, NV, property can seem like a confusing process at first, but the right set of questions can help you narrow down the choices. Not only should your landscape professionals be qualified to transform your outdoor area, but they should also be happy to answer any questions you have, no matter how small. When you find a landscape company that puts your interests and ideas at the center of the project, you can rest assured your research into landscape contractors will lead to the kind of landscape that you have always wanted.