Why Choosing Landscaping Companies with Landscape Architects Is Important in Sparks, NV

When considering a new addition to your landscape, renovation, or start-from-scratch landscape for your Sparks, NV, property, look for landscaping companies that have a landscape architect. The specialized expertise of a landscape architect will ensure that the changes you’re making will be stellar.

The Crucial Role of the Landscape Architect

Why Choosing Landscaping Companies with Landscape Architects Is Important in Sparks, NV

While many landscaping companies boast that they have designers on staff, you’ll also want to inquire about the presence of a landscape architect. The education and training to become a certified landscape architect can take as long as eight years and often includes a period interning under another landscape architect. They must have an appreciation for nature and a creative flair, as well as take delight in working with their hands. It can be both a visual and physical role to create highly enjoyable and attractive landscapes.

The landscape architect works with and directs the artisans and craftsmen who install your landscape dream. The architect is essentially the vision director. 

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Site Planning

A survey of your land requires complex assessments of the slope of your terrain and the drainage issues you could face. There may be an evaluation of how the sunlight falls on your yard and noting of which areas get the most shade. The landscape architect will need to see where your home sits (or will sit) and how this relates to the overall outdoor space. 

Creating a Formal Design 

Once the architect has seen your property, a design will be created in 2D or 3D for you to see exactly what the landscape will look like once the project is complete. The advantage to the technology model is that you can make changes and improvements before any dirt has been dug. 

Then, plans will be formulated for grading and drainage, outdoor lighting, design details for appliances in outdoor kitchens, shade structure details, and any other feature that is to be installed. 

Preparing the Project Budget

Using estimating software that is concise and detailed, the landscape architect can provide a line-by-line estimate for your Sparks, NV, project. Because the estimate is accurate, you can rest easy that you won’t see unexpected expenses along the way that you had not anticipated. 

A Team Effort

Working with the team of engineers (if needed), construction contractors, and skilled artisans, the landscape architect oversees the entire project to ensure that the design is followed closely. They will communicate with you on a regular basis to give you the best project experience possible. 

From the First Dig to the Final Walkthrough

You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with one point of contact for your project. The landscape architect manages grade checks, boulder placements, plant selections, and they provide all the oversight for your landscape features.

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Landscape Styles 

Whether you love an urban contemporary landscape with its clean lines, bold shapes, and metal finishes, or a modern contemporary landscape that is still composed of clean lines but softened with natural fabrics and warmer colors, the landscape architect can give you the look you want. From organic sweeping curves and lots of natural stone to a more country rustic aesthetic that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor, the architect is skilled at carrying out your style preferences.