Important Qualities Successful Landscape Contractors Should Have in Reno, NV

When you search for landscape contractors near you in Reno, NV, how do you know you are finding reliable, trustworthy professionals? Here are the important qualities to look for in a landscape contractor. 

Design/Build Expertise

Important Qualities Successful Landscape Contractors Should Have in Reno, NV

A landscape contractor that understands the entire process is likely to help you see your vision through to completion. In fact, working through the design with a licensed landscape architect can help you to pinpoint unrealistic expectations or ideas you may not have considered. For instance, you might love to have a palm tree in a certain spot of the landscape, but if the conditions are not right for it to thrive, you will end up being disappointed. An expert landscape architect can help you understand how all of the features will fit together and whether a certain choice will work for you, saving you both time and money in the long run. Then, working with a contracting crew, the architect can oversee the project to ensure that the design you want is what you get in reality. 

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Referrals from Previous Clients

Professional landscape contractors should be happy to provide referrals for previous projects so that you can see for yourself the type of work they do. Sometimes a landscape contractor has a style of designing that does not work for what you want on your property, and there is nothing wrong with that. Make sure to find someone who clearly understands what you want and can deliver. Finally, if a previous client is delighted with the final project, then you likely will be, too. 

Great Communication

You should feel a level of comfortable communication with your landscape contractor. Is this someone who responds to your calls in a timely way? Do you feel comfortable discussing your concerns? Does the contractor seem likely to have solutions to problems that inevitably will crop up during a landscape renovation or new design? These intangible qualities can make or break your experience with a landscape contractor.

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Licensed and Insured

Licensing from state and local boards and membership in industry professional organizations means that this landscape contractor works to achieve the high standard these associations require. When a contractor is in good standing, you can have confidence that you have found a company that values and cultivates great working relationships. 

Insurance coverage is critical to you as a client because you don’t want to be stuck with a bill at the end of the project for an accident that occurred during the work on your property. The insurance should cover the employees, the machinery, and your property so that if a tree being removed accidentally falls on your fence, there is adequate coverage to have that replaced. 

Don’t be hesitant to ask to see licensing and insurance proof as this is your right as a client. A trustworthy professional will want you to know that you are covered should you choose to hire that company.

When you are seeking a fresh look for your landscape, whether from scratch or a renovation, you want a landscape contractor who is able to blend the new with the existing in a seamless manner. After all, your Reno, NV, property is an integral part of your life, and you want to create memories there that you will cherish for years to come.