10 Questions to Ask Landscaping Companies Before Hiring in Spanish Springs, NV

When you understand the value of a well-designed, professionally installed, and maintained landscape, hiring the right landscaping company becomes a top priority. Here are 10 questions to ask landscaping companies before hiring one in Spanish Springs, NV.

What is the scope of your services?

10 Questions to Ask Landscaping Companies Before Hiring in Spanish Springs, NV

Before you solicit bids, know what you want and establish a budget. You’ll want a company that can provide both design and build work if you’re looking for a landscape renovation. If you only need maintenance at this time, you could narrow your search to a residential landscape maintenance company but then you’d have to search again for a more well-rounded company when the time comes to install a patio or water feature.

How long have you been in business?

Make sure the new landscaping company can handle the scope of your landscape project. Do they have the crew and expertise to get the job done right? For projects requiring design and installation, we recommend hiring a landscaping company with a proven track record. Those that are fairly new to the business may say yes to a project to get the business—but then lack the resources to get it done properly and efficiently.

Are you fully insured and bonded?

This is an essential question for anyone who will be doing work on your property. If they cannot produce proof of insurance, a red flag has been raised and you should continue searching for a new landscaping company.

What is your guarantee?

Reputable full-service landscaping companies back their work with best-in-class warranties. All hardscape installations should come with a warranty. As for softscapes, a plant guarantee could cover replacement or credit of any plants supplied and installed by the company that do not survive the first calendar year after installation.  

Will you provide drawings and plans?

Plans are an integral part of the design process. Ultimately it’s your ideas that are going to be put to life by the landscape designers—and you will need confirmation that they understand what you’re envisioning. See what they will provide you in terms of sketches, and also ask for photos of similar projects to ensure you’re on the same page.

What is the estimated cost and timeline?

Clearly communicate your budget and get an estimated cost and timeline of the project. Also ask how the company will handle changes made along the course of the project and how any changes could affect the overall cost and timing.

How do you communicate with customers?

You are not the company’s only customer, however, you should feel like you are. Obtain a clear timetable and expectations for your project.

Do you employ arborists and horticulturists?

If your project involves new plantings and trees, work with an arborist and/or horticulturist to ensure that you’re getting the right plants for your location, that they are installed properly, and that you understand their maintenance needs.

What is your installation process?

Any landscape installation can cause some upheaval in your life. For that reason, ask what equipment will be onsite, what their building practices are, how they handle cleanup, and where materials will be stored.

When will the landscape work fully mature?

Don’t expect your landscape to look like it’s been there forever if you’re planting seedlings. Knowing when plants will mature helps avoid the disappointment of not having a immediate “finished” look. Alternatively, you could splurge on a few mature trees and shrubs, and opt for fast-growing plants that make your new space feel lived in once the work is done.