How a Landscape Designer Can Create a Backyard You’ll Never Want to Leave with Game Courts in Sparks, NV

When family and home are your priorities, transforming your property into a place that prioritizes fun could be the goal of your landscaping design. With a bit of creativity and professional expertise, a landscape designer can create a backyard you will never want to leave in Sparks, NV.

Keep Your Family Active

How a Landscape Designer Can Create a Backyard You’ll Never Want to Leave with Game Courts in Sparks, NV

The era of the screen has had a significant impact on the activity level of many families. Smartphones and tablets are taking up more time, decreasing interactions between family members, and limiting physical activity in daily life. For the health and well-being of your family, you may want to give them good reasons to put down the devices and expand their opportunities for movement around your property. Game courts can be just the ticket to getting your family off the couch and into having a fun time—together.

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Bond Over Playtime While Modeling Sportsmanship

Playtime is also learning time. When you play with your children, you have a chance to model appropriate behavior. With game courts included in your property’s landscape, you can strengthen family bonds while also helping family members develop interpersonal skills and healthy confidence in addition to keeping them active. Worries and concerns about daily life can dissipate when game play and activity become regular staples of everyday living.

Develop Skills

While playing on a home game court will help develop sportsmanship, it’s also useful for physical skill development. Whether you need to work on your short game or your jump shot, having access to a space for practice is good for any athlete, regardless of sport. As children develop initial motor skills, school-age kids learn the basics, or teenagers and adults hone in on the fine details, practice makes perfect.

Entertain in a Memorable Way

Having access to a game court for entertaining will widen the options that you have for guests. Inviting friends over for a round of golf or bocce ball is far more interesting than sharing a couch while watching others play basketball or some other professional sport. Knowing that your events are active and fun, your guests will be quick to provide their positive RSVPs.

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Consider the Best Options

Choosing the right game court for your home is a personalized decision. Different families prefer different sports, so a discussion with your landscape designer for ideas will be necessary. The amount of space you’ll be designating toward these activities, any seriously played sports within the family, and the intensity with which you play are all elements that will influence the details that go into your game court space. If deciding on any one sport is tough, you could opt for a multi-court setup so that you can host more than one game on the same court, with a few minor adaptations required for game transition. A few options include:

  • Putting green

  • Tennis court

  • Basketball court

  • Volleyball court

  • Bocce ball

The Type of Court Will Affect the Construction Process and Materials

Throughout the process of installing a game court into your landscape, a landscape designer can help make the crucial decisions that you may not even consider. From the grading necessary to the choice of material used for a safe and durable playing surface, constructing a game court can be an involved process—and one that will pay off as soon as you get out there to play.