Ways Your Landscaper Designer Can Add More Fun to Your Outdoor Experience in Newcastle, CA

If your outdoor living space lacks definition, function, or character, you might need a quick boost of life into your design. A landscape designer can integrate elements that take your experience to the next level. Here’s how we can do that for you in Newcastle, CA:

Fire Features

Ways Your Landscaper Designer Can Add More Fun to Your Outdoor Experience in Newcastle, CA

Fire features are the latest must-have for outdoor living, as a fire pit, fire table, or fireplace would bring warmth, excitement, and light to your space. If you have a large space and want the function of a large fire, a fire pit is a great option. Incorporate it into your lounging area, perhaps not far from the pool, or dedicate a separate portion of your landscape to creating a new space just for the fire pit. Your landscape designer will help you decide whether a rounded or square fire pit would look best in contrast to the other features in your backyard. You could opt for materials that would add rustic style to your design and could be used to create other landscape features so that you have a cohesive look throughout. If you want something a little more formal and controlled, an outdoor fireplace might be more appropriate. Install the fireplace near your existing living area for a safe way to bring heat and light to chilly outdoor evenings. Nothing is more beautiful than eating dinner in front of a roaring fire!

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Whimsical Walkways

The hardscapes around your home will have a huge impact on the look of your landscape. The look of stone could add a charm to walkways and can transform your guests’ experience just walking in to visit you. A cobblestone walkway through a canopy of beautiful flowers is a whimsical way to welcome your friends and family. Consider creating an authentic, natural-looking walkway that adds interest to a generic landscape. Place an arbor in front of your backyard’s entrance, and plant a quick-growing plant like trumpet vine. For an even bigger canopy, place an arbor on each side of your backyard entrance. This will create a gorgeous, ornate entrance that gives your home a unique feel.

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Go Green

If you’re working with a smaller space, you may be looking for ways to add function that don’t take up much room. Masonry planters are a great way to add planting space to a hardscape. Choose a style you like, such as the appearance of stacked stone. Then create walls on the perimeter of your patio that have built in planters so you can add colorful flowers or tall privacy plants like evergreens. This is the perfect way to make space for plantings on a hardscape with limited room. Another way you can use walls to create space is through landscaping walls that correct sloped areas, provide room for plantings, and double as convenient seating. Add coping to your wall to instantly turn masonry walls into a casual place to sit for large parties.

With good design, you can turn any space into a fun place to hang out and enjoy beautiful weather. Fire features, fun walkways, and green spaces are all ways to bring life to your outdoor living experience. Get in touch with us today and tell us which addition is your favorite!