Landscape Contractor Tips in Carmichael, CA, to Creating Beautiful and Functional Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are the hub of outdoor living, especially in sunny Carmichael, CA. To create a dream kitchen you’ll enjoy for years, you’ll benefit from the pro’s wisdom. Here are five tips from landscape contractors for creating a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen.  

Prioritize the Location

Landscape Contractor Tips in Carmichael, CA, to Creating Beautiful and Functional Outdoor Kitchens

The placement and orientation of your kitchen either make it a delight to use, or a source of continued frustration. Consider how far you want your kitchen to be from your home. A fully stocked, self-sufficient kitchen can be further from the home than a simple grill station.

Next, orient your outdoor kitchen for the most pleasing views for both the cook and guests. If your outdoor kitchen doesn’t have built-in seating at the bar, guests can congregate and enjoy the view from around the dining table or fire pit.

At the same time, be sure to maintain easy access to the kitchen by ensuring that you don’t have to climb over obstacles such as dining tables and chairs on the way to the kitchen, and that walkways to and from the house are wide enough for easy traffic flow.

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Optimize Function

Today’s outdoor kitchens are worthy of gourmet cooks. Adequate workspace and good traffic flow (plenty of counter space and elbow room for two cooks) make the experience much more pleasing.  

Complete outdoor kitchens feature distinct work zones: dry (prep), wet (sink), hot (cook), and cold (refrigeration). Do you need all of these zones? It depends on what you will be doing in the kitchen. At the very least, you need a generously sized dry zone and comfortable cooking area. The cold and wet zones are usually the first one to be eliminated to keep the project within budget. Keep in mind that having a beverage cooler will save multiple trips to the kitchen, and prevent the need for coolers that clutter up your patio.

The best outdoor kitchens are fully self-sufficient, meaning they are outdoor versions of your home’s kitchen. Today, stainless steel and other durable materials mean that your appliances and countertops can be as stylish as anything you’d find in an indoor kitchen.

Add the Right Features

Depending on your personal preference, needs, and entertaining style, the following features can transform an ordinary outdoor kitchen into a stunning focal point: Built-in speakers, a smoker, an overhead fan, a fire table, seating walls, a misting system, a water feature, and a fireplace or fire pit are wonderful additions that add ambience and functionality.

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Factor in Comfort

Remember comfort, for both the cook and guests. A pergola will shade the outdoor kitchen and dining area from the hot sun, and patio heaters or built-in fire features will take the chill off the evening and let you enjoy more time outside.

Choose Quality Materials

Once you’ve settled on the features of your kitchen, choose materials that will tie the whole kitchen together. Many outdoor kitchen walls are faced with manufactured stone—a durable, low-maintenance option that mimics the look of natural stone, often at a much more affordable price. Choose durable countertops such as granite or concrete. Opt for stainless steel appliances and weather-resistant cabinetry. Beneath your feet, stone patio pavers are stain-resistant and durable, and add sophistication to your outdoor living space.