Boost Your Curb Appeal With These 4 Designs for Your Front Yard Landscaping in Folsom, CA

An eye-catching front yard may be your top landscape goal right now, and it’s completely possible with a bit of planning and creative design. Here are a few ideas for features that could greatly improve your Folsom, CA, front yard landscaping.

An Arbor Entryway

Adding vertical elements can bring a new luxurious feel to your front yard landscaping. An arbor is a unique way to add some height, and there are an abundance of different designs to consider, from the shape and structure to the materials and plantings you may want to incorporate in your arbor. These tall gateways usually sit at the very front of the front yard walkway. A common arbor entryway is a simple freestanding gated arbor. Pairing it with some low lying shrubs or bushes can frame your home wonderfully while welcoming guests to enter and visit you.

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Peaceful Water Feature

Boost Your Curb Appeal With These 4 Designs for Your Front Yard Landscaping in Folsom, CA

The sounds of soft, flowing water running into a still body of water could offer an instant stress reliever that you can access every day. Ponds and streams are always peaceful when walking by them in the forest or nearby park so why not incorporate one such water feature into your own front yard? The sight of a small stream and pond in a front yard catches the eyes and ears of anyone walking by. Make the water feature stand out even more by using quality material like natural stone. The design possibilities are endless, depending on how dramatic you would you like your water feature to be. How about a small waterfall flowing into a pond with fish swimming in the pond? Another idea is a pond that your walkway abuts with a small bridge going over it.

Radiant Flower Beds

Flower beds are a simpler option that can still bring intense and eye-catching color to your front lawn. The beauty of planting flower beds into your front lawn is that you can add vivid color anywhere you please. To narrow down the possibilities a bit, choose whether you will use perennials or annuals or a mixture of both. Annuals require more maintenance since they are planted in the spring and blossom through summer into fall. On the other hand, perennials will grow year-round and simply lay dormant during the winter months. By using a mixture of both creates a blend of color that will last all year.

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Stone Centerpiece

Like a centerpiece on a dinner table, your front yard could have a central feature that draws the eyes right toward it. For example, having a beautiful ornate stone fountain at the center of your front yard surrounded by precisely placed flowers and a surrounding walkway could turn your front yard into the type of courtyard you’d see in a palace. Looking for something more subtle? Consider stone sculptures that can be placed in bare areas. Not only does this option give you a way to display a beautiful piece of artwork, the sculpture offers a conversation piece when someone comes by for a visit, so you can start off your entertaining just right every time.