How to Tell If Landscape Contractors Are Using High-Quality Products in Folsom, CA

When you’re looking for landscape contractors to take on your Folsom, CA, outdoor living project, the challenge is finding a company that is reliable and that you can trust. You want to know that the contractor will use quality products and meet your expectations—and hopefully go beyond them. To ensure you select the kind of contractor who prioritizes quality, focus on the these vital factors before hiring.

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Communication can make or break a project. You should have a high level of comfort when communicating with a landscape contractor—and you should expect the contractor to give you regular updates on progress, unexpected problems, and the solutions, as well as realistic timelines. A company that is honest and transparent will be truthful about the quality of materials they recommend and install.

Certifications and Credentials

How to Tell If Landscape Contractors Are Using High-Quality Products in Fol

Certifications and credentials lend legitimacy to a contractor’s reputation. Check with the Better Business Bureau for the standing of the company. Current licenses mean the contractor is in good standing, and sufficient insurance coverage gives you peace of mind that you are in the clear if an accident happens.

References are critical to making sure that you have the right contractor for your project. See how forthcoming the company is when you ask for references and whether they are willing to show you previous projects. If you’re able to talk with previous customers, you can ask about the materials that were used and how they look now that time has passed.

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Many landscape contractors have a website that displays photos of their projects. This should also give you a good idea of who the contractor is and where the particular strengths lie. Is this contractor experienced enough to handle very large jobs? Are small jobs the specialty? Do you see attention to details that take a landscape project from nice to “Oh, wow!”?

Ask questions about the materials used in the projects you review and inquire about certain manufacturers were chosen over others.


Although the landscape contractor is ultimately responsible for the work, many times subcontractors perform certain tasks. Your contractor should be able to assure you that the subcontractors are reliable and skilled to produce the high-quality results you desire.

Enlist a Landscape Architect

While landscape architects can visualize and blend all of the elements of excellent design, they can also recommend reliable contractors and subcontractors. Forming a team to see the entire process from beginning to completion, the architect and contractors are able to work together to bring your vision to life.

With one-on-one meetings and conversations, the landscape architect can flesh out what you are thinking in 2D and 3D design renderings, and is able to make changes on the spot. Once you are satisfied, then the construction phase can begin as the landscape contractor takes over. This process should offer you the confidence that each tradesman is doing what he is skilled at, and the architect is ensuring that they are keeping to the vision.

With this approach, you can rest assured that the architect has designed what you want, the best, most skilled contractors are performing the work, and you will end up with the results you wanted for your landscape project.