The 8 Red Flags to Watch Out for with Reno, NV, Landscaping Companies

A thriving, glamorous landscape is as easy as hiring the right landscaping company, but identifying the right one for your purposes can be a challenge at first. Knowing the indicators of negative performance can help you narrow down your research so that you’ll find the landscaping company that is best positioned to take on your outdoor living project. Heed these eight red flags as you evaluate landscaping companies in Reno, NV.

Long Response Time

The 8 Red Flags to Watch Out for with Reno, NV, Landscaping Companies

If the company takes an unreasonable amount of time to answer requests for information or services, this could be a sign that you should move on and continue your search for landscaping companies. The slow-to-respond company may not have the manpower needed to answer calls and provide services in a reasonable amount of time, a level of professionalism could be missing, or the company is simply too busy to take on more work in the immediate future. 

Limited Portfolio

A portfolio with a limited amount of photos could be another warning that you should continue on with your search. Either the company doesn’t perform in a manner worthy of documenting, or the company has so few jobs under its belt that the portfolio is still being developed. This is something to inquire about as you will want to understand the company’s scope of work.

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Unclear Point of Contact

If the company doesn’t provide you with a main point of contact with whom you can communicate, this may also be another red flag. After a relationship is established, generally you’ll know who to ask for when you call the company, and that person should be reachable within a reasonable amount of time. 

Lack of References

Another red flag is a lack of references. If a company can’t provide a list of happy clients, you may either become the experimental first client or the company may have a string of unhappy former clients. Either way, this may be a reason to steer clear of this company. 

No Offer of a Guarantee

Any reputable company is willing to stand behind its work. If the landscaping company you’re considering offers no guarantee, continue your search for the right company for your property’s outdoor design and care.

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No Proof of Insurance

Do not let a landscaping company set foot on your property if you haven’t seen proof of insurance coverage. Property damage or injury will fall on you if you’re negligent enough to hire an uninsured landscaping company.

Limited Certifications

Professionals ought to be able to demonstrate qualifications, and they do so through certifications. Landscaping companies that you hire should be able to produce evidence of certifications. 

Contract Short on Specifics

Before any work begins and any money changes hands, a clear, well-defined contract should be agreed upon and signed. Within this contract should be specific elements. These include the steps that will be taken, the timetable anticipated, and the payment required. These items are firm, and the only way changes should be made is in writing in the same form as the initial contract. When the agreement is less clear or specific, you’ll likely end up disappointed in the service received.