4 Ways to Incorporate Water into Landscape Architecture in Sparks, NV

4 Ways to Incorporate Water into Landscape Architecture in Sparks, NV

If you love to relax outside after a hectic week, consider adding a water feature to your Sparks, NV, landscape for enhanced backyard delight. No matter the size of your yard, there are multiple ways to incorporate water into landscape architecture. 

Benefits of Water Features

The sound and feel of a water feature can bring rest and calm to your outdoor space. 

  • Adaptable: Water features come in so many sizes and designs that you’re likely to find one you like that can fit your landscape, whether you’re looking to incorporate water in your courtyard or among your rolling hills. Don’t assume that your landscape is too small to accommodate the delightful sounds of water.

  • Specially designed: A water feature can be designed for your unique space. It can blend into the background for a subtle addition, or it can stand front and center as a focal point—the choice is yours. 

  • Draw wildlife: A water feature is a natural draw for birds and bees and butterflies looking for water to drink or for a bath. It can be a fun activity to try to identify all of the wildlife that visits your watering spot. 

  • Low maintenance: Because the water recirculates, most water features require very little water or maintenance. They won’t increase your water bill in a way that feels uncomfortable. 

There is a compelling anticipation when you know that you have a peaceful water feature waiting for you in your home landscape. Knowing that you can leave all of your work behind and walk outside with your favorite drink to de-stress can be something to look forward to. 

Water Features

  • Water wall: A water wall can nestle beside your home, as part of a privacy fence, or a free-standing attraction. The water running down the wall can be mesmerizing as it splashes to the bottom. Often encouraging contemplation, a water wall can be ideal for any landscape. 

  • Water fountain: The classic water fountain is beautiful and certainly worthy of a special spot in the landscape, but a huge colorful pot bubbling over with water can also add impact. Water fountains come in unconventional shapes and sizes to complement any outdoor space.

  • Reflecting or ornamental pool: A reflecting pool can be recessed into the ground or into the patio for a peaceful mirror of the surroundings. 

  • Pond: If you have the space, consider adding a pond into your landscape. Surrounded by large landscape rocks and water-friendly plants, this can be something you anticipate coming home to every day. Watching the birds and other wildlife flit around the pond can be just what you need to bring rest to your day. Add a natural stream with a waterfall and you have the happy sounds and sights of a unique water feature. 

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Rely on Landscape Architecture Expertise

Your landscape architect/design team can bring all of the elements together in your landscape with a perfectly crafted and placed water feature. Because the best landscapes are thoughtful and distinctive, they can help you think through precisely what you want and suggest ideas to accomplish your vision.

We start with a consultation that focuses on your desires along with an assessment of your property. Once you have landed on the right water feature for your landscape, we may bring in a talented, vetted team of craftsmen to install that feature to accent every other part of your Sparks, NV, yard. From start to finish, we will oversee your project to perfection.

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